PUZZLE DE MADERA Wentworth - From Here to Eternity. 250 piezas



Puzzle de madera cortado a láser. Contiene piezas con formas "whimsies".

Nº PIEZAS: 250


DIMENSIONES: 360 x 250 mm

Ref.: 860713

Created by one of our popular artists, Alfredo Arreguín, this stunning Aztec-style painting makes a perfect jigsaw puzzle. The heavily patterned and detailed colourful image is brought to life with specially designed whimsy pieces that match the theme of the scene. It's a delight to build and explore the mesmerising design. This traditional wooden jigsaw is British-made and comes with a drawstring cloth bag and a high-quality box making it a bestselling gift for art lovers and puzzlers alike

Nighthawks Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles on Vimeo.



About Us from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles on Vimeo.



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