PUZZLE DE MADERA Wentworth - Le Siècle du Belem . 250 piezas



Lo sentimos, este artículo está fuera de inventario

Puzzle de madera cortado a láser. Contiene piezas con formas "whimsies".

Nº PIEZAS: 250


DIMENSIONES: 360 x 250 mm

Ref.: 881605

This stunning image of a majestic boat battling through stormy seas is our first image from Photographer Philip Plisson. This Belem ship began life as a cargo vessel transporting sugar from the West Indies as well as cocoa and coffee from Brazil and French Guiana to Nantes in France. The ship is now over 120 years old, with a history that includes becoming a private yacht for Hugh Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster (who renamed her Fantome II) and even sailing the seven seas under the ownership of beer Baron Sir Arthur Ernest Guinness. Plisson is known for his marine photography through his favourite themes, Brittany, Lighthouses, storms, yachts, fishing, beaches and the seaside. This wooden jigsaw puzzle has whimsy pieces to add to the challenge. Philip Plisson / Pêcheur d'Images

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