PUZZLE DE MADERA Wentworth - Ran Kiku. 250 piezas



Lo sentimos, este artículo está fuera de inventario

Puzzle de madera cortado a láser. Contiene piezas con formas "whimsies".

Nº PIEZAS: 250


DIMENSIONES: 360 x 250 mm

Ref.: 880413

Traditionally beautiful puzzles start with the finest art available. This artwork features two beautifully posed Geishas in richly opulent, traditional kimonos, one elegantly holding out a paper fan and the other poised perfectly. Set in a traditional Japanese scene amongst the beautiful Cherry Blossom, this beautiful image makes this wooden jigsaw puzzle an absolute a perfectly lovely picture to complete. This puzzle’s themed whimsy pieces make it more of a challenge to the keen puzzler. 2019 Haruyo Morita, Licensed by MGL. www.mglart.com

Nighthawks Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles on Vimeo.



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