London - Second Edition (English)

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Cantarero Coca


Juego de mesa London

A brand new edition of a popular classic, London will appeal to the strategic thinker among board game fans. Tasked with rebuilding London in the decades following the great fire, players will juggle building requirements, bank loans and poverty as they strive to realise their vision for the city.

The game features a unique mechanic of playing cards to develop the city, then 'running' the city by taking all the card actions simultaneously. Players will have to repay all their loans before the game ends, but only need to worry about how much poverty they're creating relative to the other players.

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Edad: A partir de 14 años
Jugadores: 2 a 4
Tiempo de juego: 60 a 90 minutos
Tamaño de la caja: 28 x 21 x 5,5 cm
Idioma: Español


Martin Wallace


Development board
101 City cards
20 oversized Borough cards
4 score markers
48 coin tokens
32 poverty tokens
12 loan tokens



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